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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Etude House WH004

Today's manicure is Etude House WH004. Etude House is a (very cute) Korean brand of cosmetics. For a time their polishes were available from etudehouseusa.com, ostensibly the brand's US distribution arm, but the site was actually unaffiliated with the brand and was shut down due to copyright infringement. This information is gathered from the internet, so take it with a grain of salt. For the time it was active, polishes were often massively backordered. These polishes can be ordered from eBay, and likely other webstores.
This polish is a vampy black with blurpley teal duochrome macroshimmer particles. It's tough to catch the shimmer without a strong light source, but it is lovely when viewed in sunshine.
This mani is one coat Spa Ritual bc, one coat CND Stickey, two coats of varnish, and one coat of Out the Door tc.
These pictures were all taken indoors using artificial lighting.


  1. Very gorgeous!!

    I have had good luck buying Etude House off of eBay. Takes a while, but it gets there.

  2. Paillette: Thanks. Glad to hear it. I just ordered a few on eBay :)