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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Lynnderella's The Glittering Crowd

Today's mani is the last of the three Lynnderella first editions that I ordered, The Glittering Crowd. I had a NARS Purple Rain mani from my friend's wedding yesterday that I layered one coat of Glittering Crowd over.
Sorry the pics are not the best ever. I am sick and trying to take it easy, but I really wanted to try this and share it before I get Lynderella's Halloween collection.
In case you're living under a rock or without a makeupalley, please check out the Halloween Collection here:
I ordered all 9 and I think they look amazing. She will be resuming the sale Friday, August 19 @ 9pm Eastern / 6pm Pacific.
The Glittering Crowd is intense. It is a vast collection of glitters in all shapes, sizes, and colors in a clear base. I'm fairly confident I cannot possibly identify them all. I know there are at least three sizes of hex glitters, two sizes of square glitters, bar glitter, mini glitter, and more...
Okay, I just checked Lynnderella's blog and here's what she says:
"New batch has over 100 different multi-coloured hexagon, square and bar glitters in various sizes. Royal blue, chartreuse, red,
violet, holographic silver, orange, lime, emerald, teal, cyan, gold, pink, aqua, fuchsia"
This polish is available again along with the Halloween collection.
It is so much better than Lippmann Collection Happy Birthday and all it's various imitators because of it's diversity. Literally every nail I painted looks completely different and it is impossible to predict what will come out of the bottle when you are painting your nails. As someone who has a lot of nail polish (and may be slightly jaded), I find the novelty of this exciting.
These pictures are taken indoors with artificial or natural lighting as indicated.

with flash:

without flash in low natural light:


  1. I am so excited she's rereleased this one! It's amazing!

  2. This looks great on black nail varnish... I loved the white glitter one you did a few days ago! Cant wait to see the others too! x