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Friday, September 16, 2011

Lynnderella Bride of Franken

Today's manicure is Lynnderella Bride of Franken over China Glaze Tempest.
Bride of Franken is a super sheer purple tinted clear polish with some weird stuff in it. I believe there's a little holo glitter, some iridescent hex glitter that flashes blue and purple and a sort of swampy green-brown color. It's an odd combination of barely there and over the top. I'm not sure that I selected the right base for it, because the frostiness makes the manicure read sloppy to me. Maybe it would be better over a more stolid base like a black (though maybe you can only use stolid to describe humans and not colors...sober, then?)
I am loving the new blogger feature I just discovered last night. If you enlarge a blogpost photo now you get a slideshow of all the photos in a post that you can scroll through quickly. It's worth checking out if you don't usually enlarge photos (since it forces you to navigate away from the blog post too many times.)
You can buy these Lynnderella polishes here: lynnderella-lynnderella.blogspot.
Lynderella posted yesterday that she's opening the shop for another sale next week (the week of Sept 19).
This mani is one coat Spa Ritual Lacquer Lock bc, one coat CND Stickey bc, two coats of ChG Tempest, two coats of Bride of Franken, and one coat of Revlon Quick Dry tc.
Taken indoors in artificial light:

Taken outdoors in gloomy no sun weather: