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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Lynnderella Attitude Adjust-mint

Outdoors in full sun:

Today's manicure is Lynnderella Attitude Adjust-mint over Chanel Jade. This is a tonally matched mani. Here's my post on Jade from a few years back: Chanel Jade. There are many dupes just a google search away.
Attitude Adjust-mint is a sheer mint green base with iridescent and soft green glitter and hex and lovely pale green shimmer. I took all of my pictures in the overcast outdoors (because it's supposed to be cloudy all weekend), and when I finished editing them (and thinking about how crappy they looked without sun to expose the shimmery iridescence of this polish) the sun popped out. I ran outside and did it all over again. These look MUCH better.
This mani is one coat Spa Ritual Lacquer Lock bc, one coat CND Stickey bc, two coats of Chanel Jade, two coats of Attitude Adjust-mint, one coat of Revlon Quick Dry tc, and one coat of Seche Vite.
I emailed Lynn and asked her if Attitude Adjust-mint is the same formula as Minty McMintface and this was her response:
"No, AAM is much different. I used Minty McMintface for a few different things and didn't want to use it again since I had been all over the place with it. In keeping with the theme of prosperity consciousness for the Funny Money Collection, the AAM worked better."