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Monday, May 31, 2010

LE Borghese Tutti Gelati and LE Finger Paints Glitter Collection

The next time I returned to Sally Beauty Supply, they had put out the little display of their (Generic for OPI Alice in Wonderland) glitter collection. They are not dead dupes, but kind of a riff on the Mad As a Hatter and Absolutely Alice glitter polishes from that collection.
Sapphire Shimmer, the stand in for Absolutely Alice, is silver holographic glitter in a blue jelly base. The base seemed to be a little patchy, so it may be better as a layering polish, but it is pretty.
Wicked Glitter is the sub for Mad As A Hatter, MAAH had a dominant silver/neutral glitter undertone, while this glitter is dominantly red and pink with silver and blue mixed in. It also turns out a bit patchy, but is a very cool glitter anyways.
I found the Borghese Tutti Gelati summer collection at Rite Aid and purchased these three colors: Pistacchio, Menta, and Limoncello.
Limoncello is the best of these three in my opinion. Pistacchio is a great color, but both Pistacchio and Menta do not provide full coverage with three coats. This was my first experience with Borghese and I found them rather disappointing given their cost.

This mani is one coat Nubar Nu Nail, three coats polish, and one coat Nubar Diamont. Three coats was not particularly great for any of these polishes as they all could use more coverage.

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