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Monday, July 19, 2010

Strange Beautiful Volume 4 Series. Inspiration: Verdigris

Today's manicure is the teal one from StrangeBeautiful Color Volume 4.
Jane's Inspiration:

From Wikipedia:
Verdigris is the common name for a green pigment obtained through the application of acetic acid to copper plates or the natural patina formed when copper, brass or bronze is weathered and exposed to air or seawater over a period of time.

This mani is one coat Nubar Nu Nails, two coats of polish, and one coat of Nubar Diamont. This was the most difficult one to work with in the set for me (though only because the others were so easy). It was streaky with one coat, but evened out nicely in two. The color is a unique teal creme in my collection.
This photo was taken indoors in a light box with artificial light:

This photo was taken outdoors in direct sunlight:

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