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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ciate Golden Globe

Today's manicure is Ciate Golden Globe from their Golden Era collection. This polish has been discontinued from their main line. This mani was also a pain. After doing a manicure with old formula OPI yesterday, it was truly difficult to return to the obstinate Ciate line. However, this morning I received a package containing Ciate underwear base coat and speed coat top coat and I wanted to see how they play together with the varnish. I prepped the mani and tried to apply polish and, like all the other Ciate I've applied so far, it came out overly thick and lumpy. I am waiting to hear back from Ciate as to why they don't have mixing balls in their polish and to see if they recommend a thinner, but I just had to bite the bullet. I threw in two bb pellets and added about 50-60 drops (in 5 drop increments) of Nubar nail lacquer thinner. If you can believe it, the polish is still a bit thick, but it was much less stress to work with. On the plus side, this is a gorgeous polish - it's a vibrant blackened golden olive shimmer with peach and green microglitter. Ciate's base and top coat seem great to me. Both were easy to apply and dried crazy fast. This mani is not perfect, but it seems bubble free at least. Mani is one coat Ciate underwear, two coats polish, and one coat of Ciate speed coat.

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