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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Franken: Green Jelly/Zulu Dupe Attempt

Today's manicure is my first ever franken attempt. As a green addict, I desperately want to acquire the infamous NARS Zulu - and when I found a recipe for a Zulu franken on the Queen of frankening's blog, I just had to try it. Follow the link for her recipe.
Dr. Frakenpolish's Jackie Green Jelly
I got zinc coated BB pellets for mixing balls from Amazon, empty glass bottles and the bottle of New York Summer Amaranth from Transdesign. I picked up the Wet n Wild polishes at Target. I don't have much experience frankening, but with help from Dr. Frankenpolish, it was like falling off a log.
Dr. Frankenpolish's Frankenpolish 101
I don't think I put in as much black as the Dr., but it looks very dark indoors so it's perfect for me. I tried a mani with Nubar Diamont top coat and it bubbled like crazy town. So I stripped it off and did this one with Nubar Foundation and three coats of polish with no top coat. It's pretty shiny and it practically has a top coat built in with all the clear polish in the mix.
Sorry, these photos are from high noon - so they're a bit overexposed.

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  1. it's really prettyyy... looks like OPI Jade is the New Black, love it