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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hard Candy Walmart Recap

I have now covered all 16 of the Hard Candy Walmart varnishes.
In case you are considering ordering any from walmart.com and don't want to puzzle out their enigmatic labeling system**, here it is deciphered for you:

left to right:
Betrayed = Fishnet
Orange = Lava
Yellow = Splendid
Lime = Sweet P
Green = Envy

Teal = Frenzy
Navy = Mr. Right
Deep Purple = Rumor Mill
Purple = Hot Pants
Periwinkle = Mr. Wrong

Black = The End
White Pearl = Sugar Daddy
White = Break Up
Pink (Heart Ring) = Hypnotic
Pink (Round Ring) = Pretty in Punk
Rose = Date Night

**Obviously, this may be subject to change on Walmart's part - so you may want to double check the picture to help you order what you're really after.

This collection consists of
six cremes:
Fishnet(jelly-ish), Splendid, Frenzy, Rumor Mill, The End, Pretty in Punk(jelly-ish)
The cremes are decent, but the formula is nothing very special. I wouldn't go out of my way to recommend them, but I prefer Rescue Beauty Lounge or Illamasqua for magical one coat cremes.
If you like the color, I certainly wouldn't discourage you from giving these a try.

three foils:
Lava, Mr. Wrong, Hypnotic
I think these foils are the stand-outs of the collection.
All three are fantastic - though it bears repeating that Hypnotic is sheer.

three shimmers:
Envy, Mr. Right, Sugar Daddy
These are nice, but not incredibly unique.
Sugar Daddy is best as a layering polish.

two dense glitters:
Sweet P, Date Night
I'm just not that into these. They are not sparse enough to make great topcoats and not dense enough to wear alone (for my personal taste). The colors are not very saturated either considering they're flashy glitters.

two chunky/sheer glitters:
Hot Pants, Break Up
These are strictly for layering, but are quite interesting. My second favorites after the foils.

I, for one, am looking forward to trying something new. I hope you didn't suffer too much under my Hard Candy-spamming routine. Stay tuned.

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