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Monday, October 12, 2009

Hard Candy Walmart Fishnet

Today's manicure is Hard Candy Walmart Fishnet.
Hard Candy was a department store brand in the 90s. A few years back they disappeared from Nordstrom, Macys, and Sephora. Now they're back as a Walmart exclusive line. I'm not a huge fan of Walmart, but I love Hard Candy enough that I had to get these varnishes. I will be showing all 16 colors on the blog in the next few weeks. The quality of the polishes I have tried so far is good considering the price point is less than half of what it once was. The jelly ring has been replaced with a rigid plastic ring. Unfortunately, they are sized very small and lack the give of the original jelly rings.
Fishnet is an orange-toned vibrant red. It appears to me to be a jelly finish. I did 3 coats and it pretty much looked the same as one coat. Good color, but visible nail line under three layers. Maybe I'm just being generous and it's really just a poorly pigmented creme...
This mani is one coat SpaRitual Resurface bc, three coats polish, and one coat SpaRitual Tout de Suite tc.
The weather is so gloomy, these photos couldn't be taken in the sun.


  1. Pretty shade on you. I never go to Walmart. I don't care to go there. So I won't be buying this brand.