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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hard Candy Walmart Mr. Right

Today's manicure is Hard Candy Walmart Mr. Right.
Mr. Right is a vampy navy shimmer that looks black in low light. You catch the shimmer (as seen in these photos) in bright fluorescent lighting or sunlight.
I noticed a similarity between this and Chanel Blue Satin on my swatch wheel. They may not be exact dupes, but indoors they look identical and I think that this Hard Candy polish would make a great low cost alternative (see bottle comparison pics).

This mani is one coat SpaRitual Resurface bc, three coats polish, and one coat SpaRitual Tout de Suite tc.


  1. That is a really nice color; could you do a swatch comparison with the Chanel polish?

  2. gildedangel-
    No problem! I'll try to get some good comparison swatches up tomorrow. Thanks for reading.

  3. Love this shade. I'd rather have the Hard Candy polish.