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Friday, October 23, 2009

Essie Dominica Green

I decided to take a little break from Hard Candy Walmart at the midpoint - I was getting a little burned out.
Today's manicure is Essie Dominica Green. This is a very difficult to find Essie polish that was discontinued long ago - I actually don't know any information about when it was released or with what collection.
Dominica Green is a vibrant green shimmer. It is quite sheer and requires 3-4 coats to achieve bottle color.
This mani is two coats Nail Tek Foundation II, four coats polish, and one coat Seche Vite top coat. I don't know for sure whether it was the base or top coat or just the sheer number of layers, but the polish took forever to dry. I messed up at least three nails (as you can see). I think I am officially over Seche Vite. I find several other top coats of mine easier to work with - especially on cleanup!


  1. That is a beautiful green! Drool...

  2. I am not much into greens but this one is really nice :)

  3. This is a beautiful green. I did a manicure the other day and it was sort of dry. I used a fast drying topcoat from Diamond Cosmetics. My nails felt pretty dry. About 15 minutes later my nails got a little messes up. The polish looked like it had slid and was a little rumpled up. Very weird. I smoothed it out with my finger and it looked pretty good. I just had a little tip showing. Your manicure is gorgeous. I like that green because it looks like a perfect Christmas green.