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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hard Candy Walmart Information Update

Since I am blogging these polishes right now, I thought some readers might like to know that these 16 Hard Candy polishes are now available on Walmart's website. I wish I had known that was coming before I treked around to Walmarts trying to find the HC display, but Walmart doesn't sell any other polish brands online, so I didn't know this would be the exception.
Hard Candy Polishes at Walmart.com
In classic Walmart fashion, none of the polishes are listed with their names (Lava is called "orange") and there are 17 rather than 16 shown (but one isn't really a polish - it's a loose glitter). I don't know much about walmart.com in terms of cs and shipping time, but I think it's preferable to going into the store. Hope this helps.

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  1. Walmart has plenty of polish listed but all in-store only. I will check this out. I hope it's available online. I was disappointed that none of their polishes were for sale online. Thanks for the info.