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Friday, October 16, 2009

Hard Candy Walmart Envy

Today's manicure is Hard Candy Walmart Envy.
Envy is a dark and vampy green polish that appears creme in low lighting but is actually a shimmer. Indoors it generally looks like a soft black creme. These pictures are more accurate to how the polish looks in direct sunlight.
This polish reminds me of a super-blackened China Glaze Emerald Sparkle. It's much more subtle. If it's too subtle for you, you may prefer Emerald Sparkle.
I also think it's funny that the ring looks like it was made for NARS Zulu instead of this darker green shimmer.
This mani is one coat SpaRitual Resurface bc, three coats polish, and one coat SpaRitual Tout de Suite tc.


  1. such a pretty color
    Zoya also has a nail color called Envy which is also a dark forest green color....LOL


  2. I was also going to mention the Zoya polish. I love this shade on you.