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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Illamasqua Snap

I apologize for missing a post yesterday, but I was indisposed. Today's manicure is Illamasqua Snap. Illamasqua is a makeup company based in the UK that was recently introduced to the US through Sephora. It is only available through sephora.com for the moment, but is due to be introduced to select brick and mortar Sephora locations in September. You can still purchase directly through illamasqua.com, but you have to pay for international shipping and it can take a bit of time to arrive in the US. There are only 24 of the 41 polishes (including base and top coats) that Illamasqua produces available through Sephora in the US, while the other 17 can still only be purchased from the UK through illamasqua.com. See the following list for availability.

Available @ Sephora (24)
Base Coat
Top Coat
Alarm – Solid; bright orangey red
Baptiste – Shimmer; shimmering deep royal purple
Boosh – Solid; absolute black
Collide – Fluorescent; neon pink
DWS – Solid; cement gray
Fern – Shimmer; shimmering sky blue
Grab – Solid; grape magenta
Harsh – Glitter; clear with silver glitter
Jan – Solid; muted gray pink
Lament – Sirens; flamingo coral
Loella – Solid; shimmering candy pink
Milf – Solid; vintage mint green
Muse – Sirens; dark teal
Phallic – Shimmer; shimmering midnight navy
Rampage – Solid; dark forest green
Rare – Fluorescent; neon yellow
Ruthless – Solid; bright classic red
Snap – Shimmer; liquid pewter shimmer
Unnatural – Solid; dark blood red
Untold – Glitter; clear with red glitter
Wayward – Solid; bright taxicab yellow
Whack – Solid; vivid tangerine

Unavailable @ Sephora (17)
Brigitte – Juicy; pink
Demure – Juicy; light pink
Elope – Solid; kelly green
Fabricate – Solid; brown
Glory – Shimmer; silver shimmer
Hectic – Solid; drab olive green
Insanity – Solid; orange
Obtuse – Shimmer; tan or bronze shimmer
Poke – Shimmer; violet purple shimmer
Propaganda – Solid; navy
Scorch – Solid; white
Smash – Solid; electric frog green
Spartan – Glitter; clear with gold glitter
Strike – Shimmer; teal shimmer
Triumph – Solid; reddish brown
Verbal – Solid; tan
Victory – Shimmer; gold shimmer

Illamasqua Snap is available through sephora.com. It is the first Illamasqua shimmer that I have tried. This mani was also my first time using Illamasqua Base and Top Coat. Snap is a gunmetal gray/silver metallic shimmer with subtle teal microglitter/flash and a hint of pink microglitter. I can't say much for the base and top coats. They're not terrible, but they both seem overly thick. I love the thin texture of Nubar's base and top coats and I much prefer the base and top coats of Ciate to these. My polish looks a little lumpy, and I think it's the fault of the base coat. Also, I just dented my polish typing even though it's been over an hour. I am bothered by that. I'm going to try the next Illamasqua shimmer with Nubar bc and tc to see what happens. This mani is one coat Illamasqua base coat, two coats polish, and one coat Illamasqua top coat.

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