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Thursday, August 20, 2009

The secret to glitter removal

Since I had to take off my Sinful Colors glitter polish today to do my new mani, I was reminded just how difficult glitter removal can be. There are three secrets - Pure Acetone remover, Felt (as opposed to cotton pads or balls), and Patience. It is inevitable that glitter removal will take longer than the removal of any other polish texture. The best approach is to soak the nail, either in a bowl with acetone or by loading the felt with acetone and holding it still on the nail. After soaking, rub vigorously to dislodge the glitter from the nail. You may have to use an orange stick and cuticle remover to get the glitter particles out of your cuticles. I like to wash my hands with a nail brush after I'm done to help clean up strays. Voila. Good luck!


  1. that's a great tip! I also think that a thick base coat or at least 2 coats of non-glitter nail polish under the glitter coat helps with the removal issue :-)