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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Shades by Barielle Falling Star

Today's manicure is Shades by Barielle Falling Star. This is a new shade from the "All Lacquered Up Collection" which was co-designed by Michelle from ALU and released mid-August.
The first collection from Barielle released fall of last year made it into CVS, but I believe that this collection can only be purchased on the Barielle site. There are 12 shades in this collection and the site always has a buy two, get one free promo. I like their black creme Monique Jet and they have a few nice greens.
I think this is the standout of the ALU collection in terms of color. It's a vivid blue creme with chunky, but sparse copper glitter.
Unfortunately, the formula is not great - I have several other barielles that have great formulas, but this one is a pita. I did my nails last night while watching a double feature of Wanted and Fight Club, and I was too lazy to get up and grab some thinner from the other room. This polish is runny and thick. One coat is super chunky and patchy. I did three coats to smooth it out and it's still not opaque or smooth. This polish DEMANDS thinner. All the coats made bubbles, so these aren't the prettiest pictures, but you'll get a feel for the fantastic shade. The copper glitter is so unexpected. It's subtle, but makes the polish pop.
This mani is one coat Nubar Nu Nails, three coats polish, and one coat Nubar Diamont.

Avoid potholes.

These two are indoors with flash from right after I finished my mani last night. The glitter stands out better, but the blue appears brighter than irl.


  1. This collection did not turn me on at all but you made this color look really, really good!!!

  2. Your nails look beautiful in this shade. My bottle was horrible also. I thinned it twice with about 10 drops or more total. I love this color and wore it for a week. When the tips were looking a little bad I just slapped on another coat. I'm really crazy about this one. They were my first Barielle's so I can't judge them be others. I love the Copper Glitter and I think it's just the right amount.