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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Shades by Barielle Polished Princess

Today's manicure is Shades by Barielle Polished Princess. Ugh, that name makes me want to barf. Anyways, this is a frosty golden green with orange and green microglitter - much in the style of several BB Couture greens I have.
It is thin and runny and requires a minimum of 3 coats. This mani has not achieved opacity and shows some brush strokes.
I decided to test out a few matte-ifying top coats, since matte polish has resurfaced as the "it thing". It's cheaper to buy a bottle of matte top coat and slap it on your existing polishes, after all, than buying up a bunch of matte polishes while they're cool.
This mani is one coat Barielle Camouflage, three coats polish, and one coat Nubar Diamont.

Here are the matte top coats: Essie Matte About You, Rescue Beauty Lounge Matte Top Coat, and Orly Matte Top.

Here are the top coats slapped onto my mani from two nights ago.

Matte Top gives a satin finish, while Essie MAY, and RBL Matte Top Coat have a similar flat matte finish. I tested using a shea butter hand lotion on all three of these and it doesn't appear to affect the finish. We'll have to see how they wear.

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  1. This shade does look like other I have also. It still is a fantastic shade. I have the Essie and Orly matte top coats. I'm trying to not buy any other mattes than the 3 Zoya's I have. Falling Star is my favorite Barielle shade. I love the copper glitter. I like them both metted. They both look nice on you especially the FS. Looks really pretty with your skin tone.